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He can tell me its pre based on the keys.

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Whats got him puzzled is the serial number starts with a letter; B21xx I believe. That sax is still with him at the shop having a post replaced, a few pads replaced, re corked at the neck, and fixing one sticky key. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He also thinks this may be a stencil. Links to pics below; you need to scroll down a little bit!

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Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Buescher, Martin, Orsi, and Kohlert I think , and perhaps others. Just a guess, but I'll bet this one says "Made in Italy" somewhere on it. Nothing works so well in gathering information as a display of ignorance.

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I learn something new every day. Being it has left side bell keys might be and indicator. It is an instrument of exceptional homogeneity of accuracy, timbre and emission.

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To date the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone models are available in this series. The "Reference" design integrates acoustic and mechanical characteristics from the most celebrated Selmer Paris models, in instruments which benefit from today's manufacturing techniques.

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The tenor "Reference" saxophones exist in two versions: The alto Reference only exists in version Are you looking for a specific sound pallet, adapted to your style and the multiplicity of the repertories which you play? Selmer Paris offers the solutions to your needs, with a range of personalized options: The various treatments carried out are crucial; encountered either in the course of manufacture or applied as a finish, they make possible a wide spectrum of sonic responses. Selmer Paris offers a collection of finishes, which move beyond the simple visual aspect and open up a whole world of possible sound colors.

All Selmer Paris saxophones are available with the following treatments: Black Lacquer engraved, gold lacquered keys.

Brushed Gold Lacquer engraved, gold lacquered keys. Gold Plated engraved, gold plated keys. Sterling Silver engraved, lacquered keys.