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Once your code has been decompiled, attackers can:. Encryption and cryptographic hashes.

Each communication your app makes with the server should be encrypted. A PGP based cryptographic encryption will suffice here. The security measures listed here are extremely easy and cost effective to implement, making the best security tech for a dating app MVP. The former requires users to refresh the app to get new messages, while in the later, the chat gets updates automatically. How to implement real time chat in your dating application?

It just takes too much time and effort to build it. A better way is to either go with Firebase or OpenFire. They both provide XMPP protocols for chat functionality. Both are good options and often deliver equal results.

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If there are no budget constraints, you should go for Firebase, otherwise you can stick with Openfire. Many claim that the maximum number of simultaneous users Openfire can handle is 4, Unix like systems limits the number open requests Openfire can have. It usually is set as a default to 4, You can customize and increase it easily.

This setup can easily handle up to 50, users active at the same time. Some other benefits of using XMPP:. Layer is another good option to build chat functionality within your app. It utilizes pre-packaged building blocks for chat infrastructure as opposed to custom chat solutions.

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This drastically reduces the time required to build chat functionality:. Layer is extremely expensive, and only a small percentage of startups could afford using it. They claim it to be one stop solution for chat in dating apps , and provide everything from GIFs, stickers, music or any other rich media. Another interesting part of a developing a Tinder like dating app is the matching algorithm.

This has proven extremely effective when it comes to matching users accurately. But creating a proper Machine learning algorithm means overhead costs for startups. It often increases the total cost of ownership by 4—5 times. Here are some general attributes that you should try to map:.

Project Tutorial: How to Create a Dating Web App in Node.js

The formula to rank a user on a scale of could look something like this:. As the app matures and acquires more users the diversity and complexity of interactions makes it difficult to match users using an exact mathematical formula. A lot of dating apps suffer from fake profiles, which often devalues the dating ecosystem and drive users away.

The problem is so serious that there are many guides on the internet to detect fake dating profiles. Now, how long do you think it will take for you to create a fake Facebook profile? This threshold can easily reduce fake profiles from your Facebook.

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Another good way to improve user quality comes from content moderation. Dating apps are often flooded with all kinds of spam and inappropriate content that you might imagine. On top of that, often instances of bullying and harassment surfaces in such apps. Upon receiving the flags, an admin can manually moderate and take justified actions. Purchases made on dating apps generally fall under the category of digital goods. Hence, the use of any Payment Gateway is prohibited. Why to build a dating app this way? Dating apps rarely do sufficient upfront monetization for the developers to survive in the early days.

State of the art infrastructure management. Our load balanced systems allow us to horizontally scale to facilitate tens of millions of customers. The Datingnode API powers all of our systems, even our own websites and mobile apps. We are an API first platform.


We moderate all public information and every single photograph. We have industry leading moderation and investigation tools keeping our service a safe dating environment. We offer deeper customisation options to our white label partners allowing them to fully customise their service. Have you been wondering about the underlying technologies that power successful dating applications like OkCupid, Badoo, or Tinder?

Are you interested in building web applications from scratch entirely by yourself? Or, do you just want to learn new web development skills?

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Then, this project tutorial is all you need. The streamer will take you through a hands-on step-by-step process of creating a resourceful web application and take part in the current social media revolution.