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During the online dating process, you will be interacting with a number of people and your email address will be your primary form of communication. It is a good idea to set up a brand new email address without using your real name so your identity is not easily identifiable by possible scammers on the website. This way if you ever want to stop communicating with someone online, they will not be able to harass you as your identity will remain a secret. The security of your email address is primarily dependent on the strength of your password so choose your password wisely. Read our Password Security Tips if you need help choosing a good password.

Without adequate password protection, a scammer may even steal your email address and get access to other information you may have stored in your inbox.

Separate Email

Another important tip to keep in mind is that you should probably have different passwords for your email address and your online dating account. In case one of the accounts is compromised, the other account will still remain safe if it has a different password. To ensure your inbox is well protected, most email providers like Hotmail or Yahoo!

2. Don't: Double Email

These security questions are designed to help you reset your password if you should ever forget it. Common security questions include: What is your pet's name? What is your date of birth? This one is right up there with no ranting — ladies, don't confess your entire world through email.

Online dating: how to send the perfect opening email

You want to save all of your insecurities, save all of your secrets and save all of your confessions for your BFF's, not for a potential date. If you really want to confess something, make it about something a little trivial — not something important! Finally, make sure that you're cautious in what you're sharing.

To be completely honest, you aren't sure who you're talking to when you're going through online dating.

Keep facts like an address and phone number to yourself for a while, until you get to know the guy you're chatting with! Even though online dating is never easy, it is something that can be fun too.

How To Send Messages That ACTUALLY Get Replies

Emailing back and forth, getting to know someone new — it's exciting! So ladies , what online dating websites do you use? Have any dating stories to share?

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Likewise, emails written in the style of a text-mad teen are also unappealing. Be interesting, show them what you have in common and give them reason to message you back. And trust me, more often than not, they will.

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