Pros of dating a stoner

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Her friends are the friendly singles. Chill out with your stoner bae and enjoy the moment together. There are plenty of fun options, like tinctures, CBD oils, weed lube , edibles, and a whole bunch of low-dose options to get you going. Remember if this stuff is making your partner happy, it might be able to do the same for you, once you find your own cannabis path.

Dating a stoner

Do you hate weed because it gives you mad anxiety? Or it makes you cough? Maybe that conversation with your stoney lover might help you understand why they love it. Don't interrogate your date but you do want to get a good sense of who they are. Regardless of how attracted you are to them, you should be aware of potential red flags, such as shows of aggression, allusions to unstable relationships, or addiction problems. The stigma of smoking weed is fading as time goes on at least in the United States [7] , but many people still assume stoners are lazy, have bad personal hygiene, or only care about getting high.

Every relationship takes patience but this is especially true of stoners as it is widely known that marijuana temporarily disrupts short-term memory. Understand why your partner uses marijuana. Many people use marijuana recreationally but others use it for medicinal reasons as well. Talk to your partner about their reasons for using marijuana.

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There are a vast array of medical conditions that cannabis can treat or help alleviate the negative symptoms of such as skin disorders, various forms of cancer, anorexia, chronic pain, sleep disorders, eye diseases, and others. While it is possible that your partner simply enjoys the sensation of being high, they may also have an underlying medical condition you should be aware of. Educate yourself about marijuana and its effects. Marijuana often creates a feeling of euphoria and relaxation, due to a release of dopamine in the brain, but other changes can also occur including: Learn about the laws regarding marijuana.

Marijuana laws vary by state and knowing the specific laws will help you protect both your partner and yourself. After all, if you are living in a state where one can carry up to a certain amount of marijuana on them, you should ensure your partner never carries more than that amount. So far, four states Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska have passed new legislature legalizing marijuana, while 14 more states have decriminalized marijuana possession.

7 glorious and skunky benefits of dating a stoner

In fact, 23 states including Washington DC now allow medical marijuana. Have a conversation with your partner to let them know exactly what you are and are not comfortable with.

Doing so will help maintain the balance of the relationship and prevent resentment from building up. For example, if you do not want to be exposed to smoke, let them know! If they respect your wishes as any good partner should , they can smoke before or after spending time with you or find other methods of ingesting marijuana such as consuming edibles. Compromise takes effort from both sides but you can initiate by asking to have a conversation about what changes you would like to see in the relationship.