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Nice meeting you buddy I plan to visit VN this year Nov. Would like to meet with US Expats living there Been busy writing business plans and though this would be a good topic to talk about since i hit a writers block an hour ago. Don't remember the side street name Since you are in VN. Have you visited Nha Trang.

I plan to visit there for 1 wk when I go to VN. Heard it is very very nice and quiet. What type of business do you plan to open in D1? Hope this is OK. Hey I found a speed dating thing here lol google Where do you recommend staying in D1 besides Pham Ngu Lao area? How much is it per night? It's quiet since it is located in a small alley. Hate the street noise on Pham Nguy Lao. Can you speak VN, if not your wasting your time at a speed dating site.

In the 6 years I have lived here I always kept away from any girls from D1, they seem to be accustomed to foreigners too much.

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There are lots of nice girls here, you just have to just keep meeting them till you find a nice one, but if your just after a fling, then you get what you pay for. Wherever u are, there r both kinds of good n bad person, so pls dont think bad abt Vienamese! I saw your topic and think about your wondering. Im a Vietnam girl who also wanna find a good man not distinguised VN and expats.

I think, all vietnam girls have common cause, we dont want to have a speed dating. How can we love when we know the day to saparate will next three or sixth month? How can we love when we sure about cant live with eachother in the rest of our life? If you have money, you can looking for some chickengirls. If you have feeling, you want to love, you want to look for a good girl, you ll have to ready for a stability future. I had a suggetion from a 25 years old boy Im 27 years old , lets get a dating, speed dating , but I ll come back to USA in this August.

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Love in 3 months? Its not life, its not love. Charlie, Forget everything you've ever learned in the US about starting relationships with women. It's just not the same here. NashCat has made some good comments and I agree with most of them. I also agree that there appear to be some good girls here on Expat.

That's about as close as you're going to get as far as situations simialar to American dating. Now, after you're in a relationship, I will say that women are women, whether they're American, Vietnamese, Chinese, whatever - all have basically the same overall expectations for happiness and you have to respect that. It's my experience though, that the Asian women are easier to live with. Apologies to all you western women out there I think it depends on where you meet the girls.

If you meet them at the bars, I am not sure they are the ideal types of Vietnamese girls. You can find the good ones through the coffee shops, bookstores, churches or Pagoda However, it is just my own opinion. I think you have not got the chance to meet the right girl yet. Be patient and if you really want to find a good one, then you, sooner or later, will meet her, as the best is yet to come. When you meet the right person, your heart will know that she is the one and I am sure it will not matter whether she is Vietnamese or not.

It took me over three years to meet my current girlfriend, I had gone out with some really nice ladies, but they wanted marriage too quickly. My current girlfriend doesnt care if we get married or not, but if it happens she is ok with it.

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As stated above, like anywhere in the world you generally dont meet the right girl in a bar. Be prepared to have a girl tell you she loves you after one day and also wants to get married within a week of knowing you.

What you think about Vietnamese is a little bit subjective. I agree that there are some stories that some Vietnamese girls dated with foreign guys and then went away with the money from their pocket. However, it is not always the case. I think maybe you have not meet the good girls, so you think all Vietnamese girls just consider the foreigners as their ATM machine. Besides, why don't you think that some foreign guys dated with Vietnamese girls and then ran away leaving them alone with their pregnancy?

I am not trying to make the conservation become controversial, and I know you have your own opinion. However, I just feel what you observed and the way you think about Vietnamese girls are not really exact. In Vietnam or most of SEA dating is viewed as a step towards marriage. I know this is a very generalized statement but for the most part it is true.

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From my meager understanding of the culture here the girls and young women seem to think they are in some kind or race against time to find a husband and start a family. I have a niece who is 25 and she is worried about finding a husband. She wanted me to set her up with a friend of mine but when she found out he was only going to be in Vietnam 6 months she didn't want anything to do with him, she said she didn't want to waste her time.

You also have the problem of the parents pressuring the girls to get married. I have met so many ladies that were pressured into marriage and therefore failed very quickly. Viet Nam has one of the highest rates of divorce in Asia, maybe the parents pushing the girls into marriage has something to do with this. I have found that markets and cafes are 2 of the best places to meet women. The market because the woman is in a place she doesn't consider to be in a social situation and will be acting more her true self. And if she is there with her mom or grandmother you can see how she interacts with them.

Its very easy to start a conversation because the women will be very surprised your there anyway especially if you are alone at a "street" market and not at super market and they will be very eager to help you with your purchases, all you have to do is ask. This will also give you an indication of their level of English skill. Cafes are nice also because it is a relaxed atmosphere and it is very easy to start a conversation. Questions about the menu or about the area of town your in are great and many times can end with you being invited to join the table with them.

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It may also have something to do with the high rate of alcoholism in Vietnam. I have heard many stories from some of my wife's friends about their husbands coming home drunk from work 5 to 6 nights a week and a lot of these are not friendly drunks.

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True Don, you also have the gambling factor, I have some friends who lost everything due to the husbands gambling. Questions about the menu or about the area of town your in are great and many times can end with you being invited to join the table with them] I do agree with what you think. Yes, we can see the natural manner and behavior of Vietnamese girls so that we can know how real she is, and market is the good place.

However, it does not matter where the girls come from.