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Built on powerful grooves and sharply crafted hooks, New Addictions also channels the unstoppable energy R5 have recently shown playing festivals along side artists like The Chainsmokers, Panic! Through their constant writing and recording, R5 ultimately reached a new level of sonic ingenuity and artistic finesse on the EP.

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Within their lyrics, R5 reveal another layer to the concept of New Addictions: Originally from Littleton, Colorado, the Lynches discovered their love for INXS at a very early age, thanks to their music-obsessed parents. All of them learned to play an instrument as kids and, soon after moving to L. Releasing their sophomore EP Loud in early , R5 made their full-length debut with Louder that September and saw the album shoot to No. The band supported Louder with nearly two years of international touring, and in had their unforgettable live performance captured in the concert documentary R5: All Day, All Night.

As their reach only continues to grow, R5 have made a point of extending the natural sense of closeness and connection that first brought the band together.

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In creating New Addictions , for instance, the band would play new tracks at the parties they frequently host at their house. It really helped us get a good idea of what connects with people.

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The Lynch boys were asked what kind of hair color they liked on girls, and Ratliff joked that he liked redheads, to which Rydel jokingly responded "I better dye my hair red then! On Twitter, a fan asked if Rydel ever liked Ellington, and she admits when they first met she had a small crush on him, but claims he's now 'totally a brother'. In interviews, they are often seated next to each other.

Riker says in an interview that Rydel and Ellington have close ties, and can have their own conversation that involves hand motions and different faces. Rydel and Ellington are the only members of R5 who went to visit Ellington's family before Christmas. It is rumored that they have kissed backstage of a show for New Year's Eve.

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There is a picture on google that shows them holding hands and Rydel is smiling very brightly and so is Elllington. September 25th is said to be the true date for them, because many fans believe that they have kissed on that day and during an R5 concert, Ellington sang to Rydel and they got very close together and many fans belive that after he sang to her, they kissed on stage.

During a concert, they slow danced together and Elington even dipped Rydel, as shown here: R5 confirmed Rydel and Ellington are in a relationship during their one night documentary, "R5: Ellington admitted that he asked Rydel out on the beach Navigation Relationships.