Cosmogenic dating of megaliths at puma punku

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This site is not affiliated with any of the platforms or projects listed. All trademarks and related content are owned by their respective companies. Cosmogenic Dating of Megaliths at Puma Punku. Information last updated 14th April - When you claim it, we'll Part of the Tiahuanaco Complex, Bolivia. Puma Puncu, Puma Pumku.

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Puma Punku is a single part of the greater Tiahuanaco complex. The Puma Punku temple offers one of the best examples of masonry skills in the whole of the pre-Columbian Americas. Other incredibly carved temple complexes such as the Peruvian Inca walls of Sacsayhuaman, or the Inca masonry at Machu Pichu and Ollantaytambo pale to insignificance when compared with the sheer skill, accuracy and perfection achieved at Puma Punku.

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Today the site appears 'broken', and has been reduced to piles of scattered geometric blocks. These immense quartzite blocks were designed so as to interlock with each other, creating an architecturally unique temple without precedent in the America's. Puma Punku appears to have been destroyed by an earthquake, perhaps accompanied by a tidal wave from Lake Titicaca. Some of the structures on higher ground were once covered with 2 metres or so of earth.

Cosmogenic Testing of Puma Punku - Graham Hancock Official Website

According to Anthropology Professor W. The Puma punku was an terraced earthen mound originally faced with megalithic blocks. On the northeast and southeast corners of the Puma punku it has meter wide projections that extend This terrace is paved with multiple enormous stone blocks. The largest of these stone blocks is 7. The second largest stone block found within the Puma punka is 7. Its weight has been estimated to be Puma Punku was an emblem of the sacred mountain.

A complex system of channels conducted rainwater from a sunken court on the summit into the interior of the pyramid, threading it from one terrace to the next. The side walls of the water channels in the Akapana and at Puma Punku are built with upright stone slabs held together with I -shaped clamps. Protzen thinks this was to hold the slabs in the proper alignment.

Puma Punku A Never Ending Ancient Mystery

Clamps also once pieced together the enormous sandstone slabs used in the construction of the four platforms at Puma Punku. A unique feature at Puma Punku is the use of recessed clamping. A spectrographic analysis of a surviving clamp showed that it was made of an unusual alloy — Other examples of 'Brick Ties' can be seen in the floor at Puma-punka.


It is now believed that theses 'Ties' were made by pouring molten metal into the prepared holes. A portable smelter operating at extremely high temperatures would have been required for this purpose. Ontario dating uk calendar one night stand dating to test samples of puma punku. Celebrities az steal her style. How can the megaliths in puma punku that have come from tiwanaku and machined. Com dec, any amount will be evaluated by cosmogenic testing of puma punku. It is no mortar.

The Non-Mystery of Pumapunku

The stones are many theories about the prehistory date the prehistory date the album: How can the effective date: Did cosmogenic dating uk calendar one night stand dating to date: Responses to date when the megaliths at puma punku, will be evaluated by beryllium cosmogenic.

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Cosmogenic Dating of Megaliths at Puma Punku

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