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Now, to be fair, I am a medical student and my career doesn't often allow me to game as much as I used to. In fact I only was able to start playing Halo 4 a couple of weeks ago. Also, since I usually play solo it's impossible for me to ever compete with a team of players in full communication against me.

Matchmaking Seems Terrible

I apologize for my rant but with that being said, is there no way for someone like myself to ever find matches that are competitive, or am I doomed to play with people who have no lives outside of their Xbox s and simply cannot lose? If the answer to that question is no, then it's really unfortunate that has put together such a terrible system for multiplayer where you either start at launch with the rest of the pack or your left in the dust with no hopes of ever catching up.

I've seriously had way more aggravation from this game than fun and I'm ready to throw the disc in the trash and never purchase another Halo game again.

Halo 4 glitch in matchmaking flood with dmr MUST SEE

XaivionDR, you might want to stay away from any gametype that is going to make you rely on yourself too much. For now, at least.. I'd suggest finding some skilled players that you can lean on for a while. I mean, if you're more focused on winning, it would be best to play with a group of people who know their way around this game and can cover your slack.

Also, don't just play with a group so that they can win it all by themselves. Learn from them, ask them questions and spend some time with them in custom matches and Spartan Ops.

Banned from halo 4 matchmaking for no reason

Spartan Ops, which allows you to use your custom classes, is really handy if you're trying to improve your aim. You'll be subject to a battery of enemies constantly and it's really sink or swim at that point. What I mean is that you'll be in an environment that's constantly throwing things at you. If you just start slow and engage a few enemies at a time, eventually you'll be able to take on more and more. The AI enemies are fairly weak. Doing this, you'll have to adjust your aim to other enemies faster than if you were fighting human enemies online.

You should get used to aiming at targets quickly by doing this. When you play online, you won't have as many enemies in your face, but your aim will be sharpened enough that you can track your human enemies with enough efficiency to kill them. Shooting a shielded enemy in the foot does the same amount of damage as if you shoot them in the head.

➤ᐅ➤ Banned from halo 4 matchmaking for no reason

Just shoot them in the torso until their shields pop, then, shoot them in the head. You might also need to learn how to retreat from a battle. Make the choice to retreat early on in an engagement. I think Halo 4 is amazing. It is not without flaws, but overall it is a good game. I'd go as far as to say the multiplayer alone is better than Halo 3 note I say multiplayer, not matchmaking , it would be nice if there was social, ranked, ranks, and more custom options, but nonetheless, it's still a ton of fun.

JIP and lagg are horrible I would recommend you wait til either a the game has fixed most of the issues it currently has or b buy a different game. They're opening playlists early with TrueSkill rankings. It's going to be incredible. I really wish people would stop bringing up game population. I decided to play Reach yesterday during non-peak hours and it took me literally 2 minutes to find a game, and we all know how many play that game.

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Guardians The matchmaking balance is so bad. Oh no, not a sad troll post from vBlite.

Games can be paused, women cannot. Try switching your search preference to "Focused" I think that's what it's called and you should see better results.

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