How does black ops 2 matchmaking work

Black Ops 3 Matchmaking Changes Removed Following Controversy

The same rides, the same shifty-faced men guarding the entrances, with only the peeling paint and deja vu separating one year from the next. Even in their tower of dollars, Activision can sense the ennui, and so developer Treyarch's Black Ops II is also something of a Mission Impossible — aiming to deliver meaningful innovation, to use the marketing line, within the same old structure.

They get an A for effort.

Black ops 2- Skill Matchmaking Good/Bad?

Black Ops II has a familiar campaign that has nevertheless been jazzed up with the incorporation of optional squad-based strategy missions and a plotline that branches according to a few key decisions. Most of the time is still spent shooting foreigners in corridors, but even here, there are changes — COD's most well-known crutch, the endlessly respawning enemies that stop when you cross an invisible line, have been junked entirely.

Talking about the narrative in these games always feels a little like a thankless task, and Black Ops II doesn't deviate from that.

It makes an early attempt to humanise big baddy Menedez, showing how his sister was disfigured by American bombs, but after this he turns out a standard bloodthirsty maniac. This incident is part of a bizarre and disturbing thread running through Black Ops II's narrative; you see one child being burned and disfigured, then another being psychologically tortured the main character, in fact.

Perhaps this shows a certain desensitisation among the game's audience; or its developers. I'm not suggesting such topics shouldn't be here; simply that, in a world without a fixed moral centre, they sit very oddly. Black Ops II moves from torture chambers to wingsuits, via clunking mechs, battle-planes, and nearly every other type of military fantasy going. At one point, I was launching anti-air rockets from the back of a horse. The level is drenched in gorgeous water effects, combined with countless sputtering neon signs and crumbling buildings — a real technical showcase.

Then you move through this at swift pace to what can only be described as a club tune, popping enemies left and right and watching the opalescent shimmer of their body armour signal the kill. It is a demented kind of a world, but it works. If Treyarch's Call of Duty campaigns have one singular weakness, it is this willingness to wrest control away from the player for long periods, with sections that ostensibly require your input, but really just ask you to follow the prompts. The cinematic experience, some might say. When used sparingly, it can be a very effective tool.

When long stretches of levels are constructed around them, the results are not so good. The new strategy levels combine standard COD action with a top-down view of the battlefield. For example, if a player is placed into a set of matches which they perform poorly, the system can alter the matchmaking so that you can match you with lower skilled players.

There is also a potential scenario where the score engine can change which servers are being used depending on the cost of the network of the server being used. Another instance of this system is reducing wait times.

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While there are a lot of different variables, as we detailed above, the score engine can also remove the variables and just put a player in a match that can be found if they have waited for an extensive period of time. The match will be lower quality for the player, but the player will be in a match instead of a prolonged wait time.

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In some instances, the system may progressively lower the threshold match score as the player continues to wait to be matched until the player is eventually matched. In this manner, the system may allow a player to be matched using lower quality matches if the player has been waiting to be matched. The patent also details how Activision can use the scoring engine to deliver to the players information on how they are being matched for a specific game.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Matchmaking Explained - IGN

This new system can also generate a quality score after each map. The quality score can be dependent upon how long the player stayed in the match, player stats in the match, how often players may have died, and more. The quality score tells the system what the next match should be. Beyond this, the engine can find out business decisions on each match; how much revenue was generated after a match completed and why numbers would be lower than expected.

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The engine is also working to create player specific profiles, where it can learn how each match went and how the game can be tuned to ensure a better experience. It generates a player profile, and how to determine a profile of the player:. The next part of the patent talks about how Activision can use the profile created to then apply it to the game. For example, if a player is determined to be on a losing streak within the past several gaming sessions, analytics and feedback engine may cause a coefficient related to player skill level to become more important. This can create a soft reservation for players that can help tune how they play the game.

This engine can analyze player progression and then predict a certain game mode to help the player advance forward. It can also predict when your friends come online and set up a soft reservation for their players. It can actually create a system that lets players who want to play with friends that are already in a game to be matched and set up for another game. For example, pipelining engine may match a player who is already playing in a current gameplay session so that the player may join a subsequent gameplay session when the current gameplay session ends e.