Core Values

Jesus. Hope. People. Discipleship. Forgiveness. Community. Cultural Impact. Love.


We preach and teach Jesus unapologetically. We believe that Christ died on the cross and was resurrected so that we might live abundant lives. People often say we take this Jesus thing too far. Well, Christ took us pretty seriously when he died on the cross. That’s a big deal to us!


We give hope to people and help them to know God sees their needs and wants to provide direction for their life. It’s never too late to come to Christ and live in your purpose. We are optimistic about the future and encouraged by testimonies of those who encounter Christ through Community Of Hope.


We love people. We get excited when new members come and when we see growth and development of current members or followers. We don’t care how you come to Community Of Hope, we only care about the way you leave.


We aim to produce disciples of Christ not just members of COH. It is our belief that this is Kingdom work and much more than just building a church but advancing the Kingdom of God.


We believe that we are all flawed and struggling in different areas of our lives. We don’t care who you are or what you did, we believe that God has a personal message for each one of us. It’s never too late to stat over, begin or keep going. Community Of Hope is a place where “Everyone Has A Chance”.


We honor God by serving others and expecting nothing in return. We believe it is our obligation and responsibility to be aware of what’s taking place in our community and to be an active participant. We want to be at the table in order to be a voice for the community.

Cultural Impact

We believe that we are transformed to become agents of transformation. We are not afraid to go into dark places, in fact, we feel called to be the light.


We love others unconditionally as God loves us. Simple.