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Rachele Jackson

I have so many blocks in my life and I’m trying so had to understand why. My kids has disowned me, my job kept putting me back in a dark corner where is everything I apply forward turn sour, I need a finically blessing and a promotion. Them devils Jealous people don’t want me to grow all they do is hurt you. I believe that Jesus continue to walk we me but them is trying to kill me down. I read my bible but not everyday because I look at other things for entertainment. Yes, I know that’s not fair to my Father. I just need a strong prayer for me that all these things will be shift around. I do all the right things, I give to homeless, I help out in a lot of areas when I can. I would love to serve but my knees have me limited of standing for a period of time. Thank you for listen to a my heart that is torn apart. But my smile on the outsides, but my pain on the inside.

Received: May 2, 2022

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